Desert Soap

I sure love wearing groovy clothes.  The first two photos above depict a very far-out embroidered hippie shirt I bought on eBay, and the bottom one shows me wearing it in action at Permanent Records in January of 2011.  It order to make it fit, I had my seamstress Mary slice out the sides and reattach them with additional red velvet fabric.  Yeah, I dig the groovy threads …

Recently it was suggested to me that I may be reblogging too many photos of naked women, that perhaps it makes the Desert Soap blog look a little soft-porn-y.  However, it was added the all of the photos do look tasteful.  I think that as long as the tastefulness is there, it’s OK, because it’s all about nature, and hippieishness, and how the body is beautiful.  Nothing is groovier, I think, and it definitely does represent an ideal.

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